Why I Fear Them 3: Zoonoses

Monkeypox and Yaba virus
Measles, rabies, hepatitis,
At least three kinds of shigella;
Polio and klebsiella

Tana pox, tuberculosis,
If you’re not yet a believer
There’s simian hemorrhagic fever

And ringworm, and Marburg virus
Giardia, calicivirus
Ebola and erlichia,
Also cryptosporidia

Salmonella, leprosy,
Mycobacterium simiae,
At least five kinds of herpesvirus–
(One kills us by myelitis)

Malaria and nematodes;
Shistosomiasis, cestodes,
Disease-ridden lice and fleas:
Monkeys give folks all of these.


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