Bicycle Safety for Monkeys, circa 1963

I tried to hand this one off to the fearless SotA yesterday because I was Monkeyed Out (details never forthcoming), but in the light of a new day, “One Got Fat” is really not that bad. Right?

Wrong. The monkey masks are hideous. If you don’t believe me, there’s a hideous monkeymask group shot around 2:19 that is guaranteed to chill your blood. But if you’re anywhere near my age, the voice of Edward Everett Horton will make it all just bearable–as will the fact that all nine of the (fake) monkeys in this educational short suffer traffic accidents. Yeah!! And the one who doesn’t manages it because “he isn’t a monkey.” Awesome.

(hat tip to Llaura Rubin for inflicting this on me. I will never forgive–er, forget it.)

A lot can happen in nine blocks, right? Right!


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