How Not to Monkey Warn

Thinking back over the Holiday Ambush of December 20, I was wondering….It was a Punch and Judy show, but there was no ghost or cop or baby. Well, what do I know about this stuff? Maybe I set myself up for that one? Maybe everyone knows about the Punch and Judy monkey but me?

Wikipedia sez:


The cast of a typical Punch and Judy show today will include:

  • Mr. Punch
  • Judy
  • The Baby
  • The Constable
  • Joey the Clown
  • The Crocodile
  • The Ghost
  • The Doctor

Characters once regular but now occasional include:

  • Toby the Dog
  • Hector the Horse
  • Pretty Polly
  • The Hangman (a.k.a. Jack Ketch)
  • The Devil

Characters only seen in a historical re-enactment performance include:

  • The Beadle
  • Mr. Scaramouche (Toby’s owner)
  • The Servant (a.k.a. Jim Crow)
  • The Blind Man

Other characters included Boxers, Chinese Plate Spinners, topical figures, a trick puppet with an extending neck (the “Courtier”) and a monkey.


Waaaait a minute, I saw that, wikipedia. You snuck that monkey in at the last second. Bastards.


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