Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story

is a documentary about people who write songs-to-order for people who mail them poems. I was interested in this because I remember these ads from magazines and comics, and because I’ve heard some of the songs. Pretty cool subject practically guaranteed to restrict its primate imagery to primates of the species I belong to. Great!

8:40 Meet the gentleman who launched the Nashville Co-Writer Plan. I’m learning something today.

9:20 Kittens! There’s a blue mackerel tabby one, and a seal-point one that looks just like Mama, and WAAAAGH NO! NOOOOO!

9:24 A filthy, slimy, disease-carrying, diaper-wearing thumb-bearing, fanged* prehensile-tailed monkey. Monkey! Monkey!

9:32 It’s gone. It’s OK, it’s gone.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, cause that’s what I do.

*pronounced “fanggid.”


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